Smarter Accessories for a Mobile World

At Wixgear, we create tech accessories that keep up with you— everywhere. Fusing next-gen innovation and smart design, we create products that keep your devices handy, power them on-the-go, and personalize your protection. Developed with your wants + needs in mind, our products work seamlessly with your car, phone, and lifestyle. So you never have to slow down to recharge. Or reposition.

Strong Enough for Whatever Life Throws At You

What’s in every Wixgear package? Durability. Quality. And a tougher-than-nails product that can handle any adventure. When your hands are on the wheel, you need accessories that won’t let you down. And with industry-beating quality standards, our products are built to take a punch. In fact, we roll with the punches. We bounce back. And we’re ready to go wherever you do.

Designed for the Future - Built to Last.

Confidence makes a statement. That’s why every purchase is protected by a 1-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee. *Because we build our products right: with powerful quality assurances, repeated functionality testing, and in-process inspections. So we’re willing to put our promise where our mouth is. And show you that every Wixgear product is as reliable as you need it to be. Because the future of tech drives us to do better, just like it drives you. *Guarantee only applies to purchases from or authorized sellers.